Profil Growtech

Profil Growtech
Profil Growtech

Jumat, 11 Mei 2012


Material Handling System 

Growtech provides all EPC aspect of all equipment that relates to the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal, which takes in:

•    Belt Conveyor,
•    Screw Conveyor
•    Pneumatic Conveyor
•    Trans Conveyor
•    Bucket Conveyor

Coal Mining  

Indonesian coal production has increased in recent years, and Indonesia is currently the world's third largest exporter of steaming coal. That is the main reason Growtech provides the best EPC’s services to coal mining companies, in case of :

  • Coal Crusher
  • Stock Yard
  • Loading System
  • Washing Plant

Stone Mining 

As downstream construction markets recover, especially housing and non-residential construction, demand for products from the stone mining industry will go up. That is where exactly Growtech comes in, by providing: EPC services in:

•    Stone Crusher
•    Stock Yard
•    Screen Vibrating

Workshop Fabrication 

Our workshop's fabricated equipment is subject to international standart's acceptance testing and designs are proven, generally based on succesfull operational plant



Our Workshop
In KIG - Gresik and Driyorejo.

Organization Chart 



Work Flow 

Quality Policy 

PT Growtech Indonesia is unswervingly committed to:
  • Carry out work in accordance with the requirements of quality specified by customers
  • Submit work in a timely manner in accordance with customers’s requirements
  • Meet customer expectations
  • Implement continuous improvements in all areas
  • Respond to customer complaints and take corrective actions
  • Develop human resource competencies to enhance the company’s competitiveness

Safety Policy

PT Growtech Indonesia commits steadfastly toward the implementation of Occupational Health, Safety and  Environment, i.e.:
  • Perform work safely (Safety First) and avoid negative impacts on the working environment
  • Protect all workers and prevent accidents (Zero Accident)
  • Continuously improve the Occupational Safety and Health Management System
  • Meet health and safety regulations set by the Government
  • Develop HR competence in the field of occupational safety and health

Human Resource Management
Growtech retains the best supervisors and staffs for EPC management, to suit to the project’s category of work. Through their assignments to many projects around the country, they are able to constantly apply the requirements to perform in our standards.

Vision & Mission

VisionTo become a leading EPC company in Indonesia specializing in the engineering and construction of production equipment for local industries.

MissionTo meet customer needs in the field of engineering and construction of production  equipment, especially for material handling and hydraulic systems for industries. To meet customer’s demand for maintenance services for their production equipment.


Founded in 2008, Growtech is a engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company which specializes itself in the field of production equipment, particularly material handling. Taking into consideration of the current market and demand, we evolves and develops its competency and expertise toward a world class company in its field.

To meet market requirement and improve better ways to serve wider market, we providing services in following area:
  • Engineering, procurement & contruction (EPC) of onshore bulk material handling  system for the mining, power and oil industries.
  • Feasibilities studies for new and existing operations to improve client bulk handling capabilities.
  • Maintenance contract for bulk handling project.
  • Fabrication of selected equipments.

We works as a partner of the client, giving one stop solution ranging from project conception up to maintenance services and start up developing new facilities as well as effective applying new technologies to upgrade and expand existing ones.

Growtech is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, while giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We deliver any project, any time in any environment for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities we serve.